My Main Street Business Funding Support

Before completing your application to receive Business Funding Support, let’s ensure your business is in a qualifying community. Please complete the following form to confirm your location using your postal code.

Eligibility Tool

Question 1/10

Are you located within one of the participating My Main Street communities?
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Question 2/10

Are you a registered business in Ontario?

Question 3/10

Are you an independent local business (franchises and corporate chains do not qualify)?

Question 4/10

Do you have under 10 employees (or under 25 if a restaurant)?

Question 5/10

Are you open to the public for walk-in and onsite purchases of goods and services?

Question 6/10

Are you 18 years of age or older at the time of application?

Question 7/10

Are you a Canadian citizen or permanent resident?

Question 8/10

Are you paying commercial property tax (commercially assessed), either directly or through commercial rent?

Question 9/10

Confirm you are not purely an online business.

Question 10/10

Have you completed your Market Research Report with My Main Street?