The My Main Street Local Business Accelerator is a data-driven community economic development program focused on revitalizing main streets with a healthy retail mix, while providing residents, new entrepreneurs, and existing businesses with economic opportunities in their main street community.

The My Main Street Local Business Accelerator supported the revitalization of 65 main streets across southern Ontario.

Communities that participated in the Local Business Accelerator program received deep data insights and a dedicated My Main Street Ambassador. Main Street Ambassadors provided additional insights on how to use market research, share community resources and referrals, and provided information on business funding and support programs, including the My Main street business support funding.

Applications for market research reports and non-repayable funding contributions are now closed.

In addition, businesses within each of the participating communities have access to a range of supports.

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Market Research

Local businesses have access to customized market research reports to assist them in understanding their customers and growing their business.

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Business Supports

My Main Street ambassadors can provide information on business funding and support programs, including the My Main Street non-repayable funding contribution.

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Business Opportunities

Based on market data collected from each community, new business opportunities will be identified for local entrepreneurs to explore and initiate.

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Business Training

Local businesses can access a range of on-demand and live virtual training sessions to support their operations.

The My Main Street Local Business Accelerator focuses on the following pillars:

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Customized Data, Market
Research and Analysis

My Main Street focuses on the impact of deep data analysis and market research into a main street community to understand demographics and market gaps, and to identify growth opportunities for new and existing businesses.

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Community Economic

My Main Street focuses on the principle that investing in local main streets should create and retain wealth in the community by ensuring residents benefit from the economic opportunities available along their main street.

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Prioritizing Equity
Deserving Groups

My Main Street seeks to prioritize equity-deserving groups and historically marginalized communities through all aspects of program delivery to encourage local economic opportunities to diversify local main streets.

If you have any further questions about the My Main Street, Local Business Accelerator program, we encourage you to contact us.


My Main Street is a partnership between the Economic Developers Council of Ontario and the Canadian Urban Institute.

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