Kitchener - Downtown Kitchener (City Centre & Innovation Districts)

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Downtown Kitchener is the heart of our city, where our innovators, culture-creators, and businesses come together. The region's epicentre of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship, DTK is steeped in history and filled with pride. Community connections fuel Downtown Kitchener - bumping into friends on the street or in welcoming coffee shops and bars, our small business community that values collaboration over competition, or how we face social issues head-on and with empathy. DTK isn't too polished and doesn't try to be something it's not. We value the gritty and authentic, the character of historical buildings, the local population made of many cultures and subcultures, and the eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, makers and doers. There's a place for you in DTK.

The My Main Street Business Accelerator Program recognizes that main streets are the heartbeat of a community, and is working to revitalize these main streets by supporting new and existing brick-and-mortar independent businesses. Business owners are encouraged to reach out to their community's Ambassador for more information.

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My Main Street is a partnership between the Economic Developers Council of Ontario and the Canadian Urban Institute.

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