Measuring Main Streets

Use our mapping tool to determine if you are
on an identified main street.
How it works: This is a map of main streets within southern Ontario that we have identified through our research. Enter your address in the search box to see if your business is located on one of them. If you find it is, please proceed to the full application stage. If you find the tool does not identify your business as being on a main street on the map, please contact us directly to discuss.
The Measuring Main Street mapping tool was developed by the Canadian Urban Institute with funding from Infrastructure Canada and is being used by My Main Street to support business location identification for application and project purposes.

The Measuring Main Streets mapping tool is a comprehensive, national-level methodology for identifying main streets across Canada at the local level. The tool uses a combination of disaggregated business and road network data to identify primary commercial streets, also known as main streets. These streets are often seen as the focal point of a local community and its residents, where there is a cluster of shopping, food and drink, and local services as well as civic infrastructure such as libraries, churches and public space; all elements vital to thriving communities.

In addition, the demographic census data, infrastructure analyses, business independence, housing data, and commuting patterns provide further information to help businesses and policymakers better understand their local community. Within the My Main Street program platform, applicants can provide their primary business address to see if their business exists on an identified main street and explore their area's local demographics.